Official portal
        The Mykolayiv city council
28 April 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are glad to welcome you on behalf of our half-million city on the pages of the Nikolaev City Councils Internet-portal.

One of the major aims of this project is to assist the regional democracy development through the modern technologies use with the purpose to increase the openness and availability of city authorities.

The Internet - portal has allowed to create an additional, responding to modern requirements, channel of communication between the local government institutions and the city community.

Besides it enables the Internet users to get acquainted with our city, to get to know that Nikolaev is a large industrial center in the south of Ukraine, city of shipbuilding, ports, metallurgy, and machine engineering, intelligent and young people. The city has advanced transportation infrastructure that includes three seaports and one river port, railway, airport and regional highway altogether bind with powerful research and scientific-project institutes.

Thousands of small businesses operate in the city. The business support policy lead by the city authorities is one of the priority tasks of the city development.

Nikolaev is a member of the International Black Sea Club. It has cooperation agreements with the cities of Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia.

You can find the comprehensive information on the above-stated on the pages of the Internet - portal that will let you make a complete picture about our city.

Nikolaev is welcoming and encouraging all those who have decided to start a business here, or are willing to get acquainted with the citys places of interest. The local authorities from their side promise to render support and assistance for those who want to work for the well being and prosperity of Nikolaev and Ukraine as a whole.